Our five parish churches are here for everyone at all the significant times in life. 

Christenings or Adult baptisms

Looking to get your child baptised or for yourself, it is the service by which a child or adult is welcomed as a member of the Christian Church. For babies and children it involves parents and godparents making promises on behalf of the child. As an adult, you make the promises yourself. Have a look at the website below to find out more about it:


Thinking of getting confirmed into the Christian faith, have a look at the website below to find out more about it:

If you would like to find out more or to arrange a baptism or confirmation, then please contact Rev Lesley for Confirmation and for baptisms email Lesley here



We offer a warm welcome to couples who seek to be married in our ancient and beautiful churches, whatever your beliefs. The following information may help you to decide if you qualify.

Since the regulations changed in 2008, you no longer have to be living in the parish at the time of your weddings, although we would be more than pleased to see you a few times in church before your wedding to help us to get to know you better and to share in the anticipation of your happy day.

To be married in a Church of England church all you have to do now is be able to prove a connection with the parish. The Church of England Weddings website explains more.

Even if you cannot demonstrate a connection, we want to help you explore whether it may still be possible for you to marry in your special church.

If you have been married before and wish to re-marry in church we would be pleased to discuss this with you. 

For further information and to discuss having your wedding at any of our five churches please contact our wedding coordinator, Mrs Karen Weaver by email.