Our Vicar

Rev Lesley

Bishop Rose and Archdeacon Will are pleased to announce that the Revd Doctor Lesley Hardy was Licensed as Priest in Charge of the Little Stour Benefice on Tuesday 1st August at St Mary the Virgin church, Wingham.

Lesley will work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sundays and with her husband Will will live in the Vicarage in Littlebourne. If you are looking for spiritual guidance or need help, please click here to email her or call her on 01227531194

If it is to do with an individual church, please look at the Our five churches page to allow you to contact the relevant church wardens. 

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Thought for the month!

The Church Year -June A Green Thought in a Green Shade Rev Lesley Hardy.

In late May and right up to Advent in November the church moves into what these days we call Ordinary


The term ‘Ordinary’ itself suggests a time given over to the everyday or even the unexceptional. In a sense

this is true because Ordinary Time is thought to be the ‘Time Throughout the Year’, the time which underlies

and is the foundation of the churches special times of Lent, Easter and Advent and Christmas. It’s our

weekday world if you like though it mostly feels like a holiday.

That’s because Ordinary Time has a quality of its own, not like the high days and festivals we celebrate,

though of no less meaning to us. This is reflected in the colours that the church gives to each season.

Whilst Christmas and Easter are white and gold, Lent and Advent purple or violet, Ordinary time is green,

the colour of growth and of gardens.

During Ordinary time we tread time slowly, and thoughtfully. Week by week we hear the story of the life of

Jesus. This is a time for us, to take time and reflect on things. For me, Ordinary time is a bounded space,

rather like a garden. It’s a time of quiet and beauty in which we can rest. When I wear green in church or

walk through the churchyards and look at the cow parsley or see the church decorated with flowers, I know

why we think of God as a gardener and what it is such greenness gives us. Andrew Marvell in his poem

The Garden puts it like this:

How could such sweet and wholesome hours

Be reckon’d but with herbs and flow’rs!